The most comprehensive view of your digital employee experience journey.
Catchpoint provides enterprises with a combination of synthetic, network, and endpoint monitoring capabilities to measure, visualize, and proactively remediate outages and slowdowns of the critical business applications today’s workforce relies on.
Proactive Insights
Stay ahead of employee complaints
Complete Visibility
Eliminate blind spots to rapidly identify problems
Faster resolutionS & Optimal End User Experience
Create the employee experiences you want and unlock the productivity you need
For the solvers of employee Internet problems
Be Proactive
Catchpoint enables you to proactively resolve employee IT issues by giving you insights into your entire employee digital experience.
Proactively identify and resolve SaaS application problems before employees file tickets
Empower employees to work remotely and resolve problems
Monitor network, infrastructure and third-party services that impact employee experience from remote locations
Hold service providers accountable for SLA violations
Holistic Employee Experience Visibility
With Catchpoint you get a complete picture of the employee experience by measuring and monitoring the performance of the user devices, applications, networks and infrastructure the enterprise workforce relies on.
Get visibility into device performance and its impact on employee experience
Validate the impact of IT changes
“Many parts of Autodesk’s business – from customer support to operations – rely upon SaaS applications like for important functions. Catchpoint’s SaaS monitoring and alerting help the IT team keep our lines of business up and running."
"With Endpoint Monitoring, we can quickly identify when an issue is happening with a remote application, our network, or if it is due to a problem on the employee’s device. We have all the information we need without having to coordinate troubleshooting and diagnostics with the employee which can take hours of multiple team members' time."
Fortune 500 Goods Producer
“Visibility into how end users experience SaaS applications like Salesforce and where the slowdowns occur help us troubleshoot quickly. Better communication across our teams enables faster resolutions and results in an overall better experience for employees.”
Fortune 100 Industrial Supply leader 
“Catchpoint makes our 360-degree proactive monitoring strategy possible. Since using Catchpoint, what used to take us weeks has been reduced to minutes. We can isolate issues quickly and escalate to the appropriate internal teams.”
Fortune 100 Technology and Manufacturing Leader
Employee Experience Monitoring Demo
With so many businesses now reliant on software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, monitoring the availability, performance, and reachability of those applications is critical to protecting your employees' productivity, and by extension, your revenue streams.
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