"Catchpoint gives us the ability to discover issues as soon as they happen, which results in faster resolution times for our customers and helps us hit our SLAs more consistently every month."

"The ability to monitor their SLA requirements allows Zscaler to protect both their direct revenue and their brand integrity."

Customers ♥ catchpoint sla monitoring

Why monitor SLAs?

Service level agreements (SLA) are a provider's promise to meet performance expectations over a specific time. SLAs apply to third parties providing application and services to customers. They apply to departments providing applications and services internally. Without proper measurement and monitoring, you can't govern SLAs and hold them accountable. This result is unnoticed SLA breaches and damaged partnerships.      

For effective SLA Management, the data collected from synthetic monitoring must be trustworthy. Compare performance with pre-defined expectations, determine appropriate actions to take when performance varies, and produce meaningful reports with Catchpoint Synthetic Monitoring. Visuals of current and historical performance help identify potential problems, minimizing downtime and upholding SLAs. Whether you are consuming or delivering an application with an SLA, consistent monitoring of service level indicators is essential for accountability and governance.

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